Western U.S. 2020 Adjusted Paid Occupancy % Pacing Ahead of 2019

May 28, 2020

COVID-19 affected the beginning of many peak vacation rental seasons in the United States. After bookings bottomed out with decreases of 80-95% over last year, we have been seeing signs of recovery as states re-open. One way of measuring recovery is by looking at Adjusted Paid Occupancy – which is guest nights booked out of the total number of guest nights available. In the three states we analyzed, adjusted paid occupancy was higher than last year by the end of April. In Texas, APO is currently outpacing 2019 until the beginning of June, but in Arizona and Utah, APO outpaces 2019 until the end of June. This will likely signal the start of a recovery period in the Western U.S.

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