VRM Intel Live - Gatlinburg Key Data Opening Presentation & Data Workshop

March 2, 2020

Key Data Opening Presentation

VRM Intel's Editor-in-Chief, Amy Hinote, and Key Data's, CEO, Jason Sprenkle kicked off the VRM Intel - Gatlinburg Conference with a 2019 Performance Review and 2020 Forecast of the Southeast Mountain Region. This presentation covers YOY performance, identifying trends, and differences in ADR, Occupancy, and RevPAR.

Download Key Data's Opening Presentation


Key Data Workshop Presentation

Key Data's Senior VP of Sales, Rob Johnson, and Jason Sprenkle hosted a Data Workshop on how to become a performance and destination data expert by identifying KPIs that are most important for your business while using the Key Data dashboard. Learn how to create reports, personalized dashboard views, and help drive business decisions.

Download Key Data's Opening Presentation

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