Product Updates & Enhancements | September 11, 2019

September 11, 2019

Let's get started! Click on the video below for a brief overview of all the new Key Data Dashboard updates & enhancements! For a more detailed look at the new updates, check out the descriptions below.

NEW Datepicker


We have moved the datepicker out from filters! Now you will see it on the title bar of every screen.

KPI Changes


We have added new KPIs and changed the name & definition of a few existing KPIs. For more information on their definitions, visit our glossary here.


New KPIs:

- Adjusted RevPAR


Adjusted KPIs:

- Available Occupancy > Adjusted Paid Occupancy %

- RevPAS > Adjusted RevPAS

- RevPAB > Adjusted RevPAB

- Unit Revenue (Avg. Stay) > Average Stay Value

- Other Revenue (Avg. Stay) > Average Other Stay Value

- Total Revenue (Avg. Stay) > Average Total Stay Value

KPI Default Behavior Changes


Company Snapshot

- Replaced RevPAR with Adjusted RevPAR

- Replaced Unit Revenue (Recognized) with Unit Revenue (Nightly)



- Replaced Unit Revenue (Recognized) with Unit Revenue (Nightly)


Executive Overview

- Replaced RevPAR with Adjusted RevPAR


Unit Details List

- Replaced Unit Revenue (Recognized) with Unit Revenue (Nightly)

Owner Reports


- New charts! You can now add Adjusted Paid Occupancy % and Average Daily Rate to Owner Reports

- Company Information: The header of the Owner Report can now be populated with your company logo and information. Simply fill out Settings > Company Information

Revenue Booked


We have added compare range to date filters to enhance the ability to use Revenue Booked as more of a pacing report.

Booking Curve


The Last Year graph has been expanded to reflect bookings that happened after today’s date of last year. Now, you can see in one view the expected pacing for future bookings to the end of the selected date range!

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