PriceLabs and Key Data Announce Partnership to Provide On-Demand Pricing

September 19, 2019

September 17, 2019

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.: The leading provider of business intelligence tools for property managers has joined forces with the leading dynamic pricing and yield management software company to make it easier for professional managers to adjust pricing on-demand.

The partnership is a pairing of two complementary technologies – one offering insights, the other offering the ability to update pricing quickly and easily.

“We’ve given revenue managers the insights and ability to make their own decisions when it comes to pricing their inventory. With this new partnership, we are now able to offer customers the ability to seamlessly change prices from within the Key Data dashboard. You can determine what changes need to be made and then execute those changes immediately, in one click.”

“Changing prices in your property management system is a massive headache for far too many customers. It’s tedious and incredibly time consuming – which makes it expensive. This partnership fixes that,” added Sprenkle.

“Our customers prefer an automated dynamic pricing solution. That remains our core platform. But we also realize that many property managers prefer to analyze their data using Key Data and make rate changes themselves. Those managers needed a better solution for changing prices, and this partnership gives them the option to choose either path, and have a best-in-class solution!”

As a result of the integration behind the scenes, customers who sign up for the On-Demand Pricing with Key Data, will be able to simply change prices directly from their dashboard.

For more information about the new product and to see if your PMS is participating, reach out to

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