Georgia Reopening Causes Spike in Vacation Rental Bookings

May 1, 2020

Georgia was one of the first states to start re-opening businesses like restaurants, hair salons, and gyms. Beaches reopened at the beginning of April, and Short-Term Vacation Rentals are being allowed to operate as early as May 1st, causing some citizens to feel confident enough to start booking vacations. As a result, bookings in the state of Georgia have started to bounce back to pre-quarantine levels – even exceeding them - especially in the North Georgia Mountains.
GA case study - bookings 2

Although the year-over-year change in bookings along the Georgia Coast is oscillating, there is a profound positive change in the North Georgia Mountains - indicating that even though there are some vacationers ready to start booking again, they are still wary of being in densely populated areas. Since the Governor of Georgia has allowed businesses to reopen, bookings in the state have started to increase at a greater rate than across the country. 

GA case study - arrival windows 2

Breaking this data down further, there is a steep increase in bookings made with arrivals within 30 days or less. Since businesses re-opened on April 24th, Georgia’s arrivals within 30 days have skyrocketed to an increase at its highest point of 95% over last year.

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