Colorado - 2019 Market Overview

December 21, 2019

Visitors travel to Western Colorado for the National Parks, hiking and rafting during summer, but peak occupancy occurs during ski season in the Northwest. In the Southwest, we do see peak occupancy occurs during summer. In 2019, the average length of stay for vacation rentals stayed consistent with 2018 at 4 days.

On average, renters booked their vacations closer to their stays by at least 3 days over 2018. Overall, the region’s occupancy rate and average daily rate increased versus last year. RevPAR increased most in Northwest Colorado, with high spikes over last year in winter months, which coincides with peak occupancy. RevPAR also increased in Southwest Colorado, but only at an average of $9 over last year.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be releasing similar reports for other destinations across the United States. We look forward to sharing our insights and hearing your feedback on your experiences. Follow Key Data on social media for more updates!

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