A Comparative Look at 2018 vs. 2019 Performance for North Carolina Regions

December 2, 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we wanted to take a quick look at how vacation rentals in North Carolina performed this year. Below are three visualizations that show the change in Adjusted Paid Occupancy, Average Daily Rate, and Adjusted Revenue Per Available Room versus 2018 for a few regions of North Carolina. The map shows how we have defined the North Carolina Regions that have been included in this data set.

Here is a quick overview of the performance of each region:

Northeast N.C.

Northeast N.C. had stronger spring and summer seasons this year. The average daily rate was about $10 higher than last year for April through August. Coupled with higher adjusted paid occupancy in a few months, the region’s RevPAR was $10 to $20 higher than last year for April through August.

Southeast N.C.

Southeast N.C. had a mixed year. Adjusted paid occupancy started off extremely well and was about 10-15% higher than last year from January through May. Occupancy then dropped versus last year from October to December. Average Daily Rate had the opposite trend as it was lower for the early part of the year but higher for June through August. Overall, RevPAR was $10 to $25 higher for April through September.

Northwest N.C.

The Northwest part of the state saw more moderate changes versus 2018. The spring and fall were slightly stronger for adjusted paid occupancy. Average daily rate was $5-15 higher than last year for all of the year except for April. Vacation rentals in the region finished ahead of last year, with higher RevPAR for April, May, August, October, and November.

Western N.C.

Western N.C. had a lower-performing year than in 2018. Adjusted paid occupancy was steady for January through June, but lower for summer and fall. The average daily rate dropped substantially for January through August. The lower ADR and occupancy rate meant that RevPAR was lower than last year for much of 2019, with the biggest drop ($45) in September.   

*Adjusted Paid Occupancy % calculates the percentage of Guest Nights out of the total nights available for guests to book, or the Nights Available.

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