After Rebound, Vacation Rental Bookings Slow Again

Booking activity continues to be an important indicator of traveler confidence and vacation rental recovery. The year over year change in guest reservations decreased due to shutdowns, skyrocketed as markets reopened, and is now beginning to

Despite Disney's reopening, Orlando vacation rental occupancy lags behind last year

Although the re-opening of Disney’s Orlando parks brought vacationers a glimmer of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic, vacation rental occupancy still lags behind last year’s figures. Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation

Cancellations Remain Steady as COVID-19 Cases rise

COVID-19 cases have recently begun to rise at a significantly higher rate in some states. Arizona, Florida, and Texas have emerged as hotspots with high case numbers but this has not yet impacted the number of guest nights cancelled.

More Guest Reservations for U.S. Vacation Rentals are made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Although the COVID-19 Pandemic impacted the Vacation Rental industry in a myriad of ways, trends in booking activity by day of week remained unchanged. Between March 1, 2020 and June 20, 2020 in the United States, Tuesday and Wednesday were the

Bright Outlook for July on the Florida Keys

The beautiful Florida Keys are still pacing below last year for June and July, but the near future looks promising. Approaching the second week of July, the adjusted paid occupancy rate nearly matches where it was the previous year. Occupancy is

Guest Reservations for U.S. Vacation Rentals Slow

The number of guest reservations being made per day for United States vacation rentals is declining from its peak in May. Should you be alarmed? That depends on where you are. Some markets continue to see increasing reservation activity, and for

Nashville, TN Vacation Rental Occupancy Pacing is Optimistic for next 90 days Compared to 2019

Many urban markets across the United States experienced decreased occupancy rates this spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nashville was among the destinations with lower spring occupancy rates, but the market’s forecast for the next few months is

Spring Occupancy and Unemployment

The United States is facing one of the worst unemployment crises in its history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The leisure and hospitality industry is one of the sectors experiencing the greatest uptick in unemployment. Therefore, places that are

4th of July Pacing Details Forecast Mixed Results

The week of July 4th is traditionally a peak time for vacation rentals in summer markets. Since the Fourth falls on a Saturday this year, which is a primary turnover day, there is the potential for rentals to experience two strong weeks. However,

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Bookings for Southeast Vacation Rentals

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, booking activity has been the most crucial trend to follow because it is a measure of consumer confidence and a leading indicator of future performance. Changes in booking activity were the first sign that the next

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